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Birthdate:Oct 20
Location:Buffalo, New York, United States of America

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ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient rome, anti-scientology, aqua teen hunger force, athf, baking, barack obama, batman, ben roethlisberger, bettas, billiards, bowling, buffalo bills, buffalo ny, buffalo sabres, canada, candles, card making, carnivals, cartoons, castles, cats, celebrity news, champagne, cheap wine, cheese, chicken wings, chocolate, christmas, coffee, coldstone creamery, comedy, community, computers, cookies, cuddles, cupcakes, current events, darts, disney, dollhouse, doodling, dragons, eddie izzard, elvis, fable 2, fairies, fairs, family, fan fiction, fire, flowers, foster's home, fringe, fringe ships, glee, grammar, grand theft auto, great big sea, guitar hero, ham, harry potter, heroes, heroes ships, hockey, house md, house/wilson, hp, hrg/angela, hrg/claude, hrg/haitian, hrg/nathan, hugs, icons, impressionism, josh groban, karaoke, kelly sweet, lambs, laughing, lie to me, ligthman/foster, lilacs, lolcats, love, macros, magic, martina mcbride, medieval times, memes, mercy, miranda lambert, mountain dew, ms paint, museums, music, new york, niagara falls, nintendo ds, north tonawanda, paper crafts, paris, pepsi, peter/claude, peter/nathan, peter/olivia, petrellicest, photography, pittsburgh steelers, poetry, popsicles, rainbows, reading, recipes, scrapbooking, self-photography, sex, shoes, singing, sleeping, spider-man, spiderman, star trek, stars, super mario bros, sylar/claire, sylar/elle, sylar/peter, teddy bears, tetris, texting, the dark tower, tim horton's, trauma, tulips, twilight, v, vacations, video games, vincent van gogh, wizards, wolverine, world of warcraft, writing, wwe, x-men, xbox 360, zelda, zoos
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